Our sauces blend well with our bone-in and boneless wings.  Whether you like them covered or on the side, there is a wing for anybody (we think?).  


Slightly more than mild

Medium-ish to semi hot

Kind of hot, but if you like hot, you’ve had hotter.

Fire & Brimstone, baby!

Honey Mustard

It’s like when you get the craving for mustard without the mustard taste but more the honey taste, but not overly sweet, but not mustardy?  Yeah, it’s that.

Hickory BBQ

BBQ sauce.  That’s it. With a subtle smoked hickory and sweet molasses.  

Carolina BBQ

So back to the mustard thing without the mustardy taste again, but more a tangy vinegar.  Like yellow vinegar mustard, without the mustard, with the mustard color, but with a label called BBQ.  I guess Carolinians invented it.   

Sweet Chili

An argument could be made that it’s just sweet & sour sauce, but then there are these chili flakes, and it’s trying to be spicy.  It has insecurities it hasn’t dealt with yet. 

Citrus Spice

You ever go to a chinese restaurant and order sweet & sour chicken and they say they don’t have it but they have orange chicken?  It’s like that.  But it isn’t orange.  More detectable spice than the sweet chili.  Less insecurities.  

Boom Boom

Who named Boom Boom sauce anyway?  It’s kind of spicy.  If you don’t like spicy, you probably will say it is, but if you do, you would say, “you call that spicy?”  It’s tangy, and delicious.  

Hot Buffalo

The original wing sauce.  It’s good.  If Buffalo sauce is your thing.  

Spicy Garlic

We worked at a popular wing joint in college and this was our favorite sauce.  So we changed the recipe slightly and made it our own.  Definitely our most popular sauce, and sometimes the heat sneaks up on you.  

Caribbean Jerk

Arguably our hottest sauce, and some days, it really gets you.  Having the caribbean jerk spices along with a not so subtle allspice heat.